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Thanks for stopping by Generally Speaking. I'm new to blogging, so I am not entirely sure what to tell you to expect. I tend to be nostalgic and on the other hand, I am capable of a pretty decent rant. So I guess we shall see. I hope you will find your time well spent here and this blog interesting. I will be blogging about current issues, happenings in the Tenth and around the state and country, and whatever else comes to mind. I haven't ever blogged who knows what I will talk about.

But for my first one, its about the logo. We are the Tenth. The Tenth is a special place geographically. The natural beauty and the good hardworking people that call it home are exceptional...because both are common here. That's what I hope to capture with this logo. Sure, it's a place, but I hope it will also be a state of mind for those who work in this office...and those we represent will see it in us. Our standard will be to be the best at what we do. It will be to always seek the right thing and to seek it in the right way. The people of this district deserve no less.

Brad Stevens, who coached the Butler Bulldogs to within a shot of beating the goliath that is Duke's Men's Basketball team developed championship caliber players by convincing them to buy into his theme...and what it meant. He called it, "The Butler Way." Stevens showed them that champions were built, not born. His players understood that The Butler Way was a standard.

So...maybe you think it's corny...but not me. We are the Tenth. I expect that to mean something. I expect it to mean something to our people, our district...and to the rest of the state.'s Friday at 6:20...and I'm ready to go home. I'm going to hit the publish button...and this site will be live. Talk to you soon.

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